Maximise Your Event Returns...

    Take your events to the next level with a totally integrated solution that combines event marketing, ticket sales, customer relationship management, help desk and innovative onsite Mobile POS solutions.

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    Maximise Income

    Profit from extra revenue from banner/on ticket advertising enabled by our advertiser partnerships. Avoid lost revenue from no shows.

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    Less Cost

    In addition to being free of charge for events with >500 tickets, Ubitix offers unparalleled payment processing terms as well as cost savings through automation of help desk and call centre services.

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    Customer Experience

    No more Queues at your events through intelligent mobile ticket consumption and ordering solutions. 

  • Changing The Game In Events...

    Since 2009 Ubitix has achieved significant additional profitability for large scale event organisers through integrated solutions tailored exactly to your needs:

    • Advanced marketing solutions (social media integration, intelligent discount codes, etc.)
    • Customer relationship management (CRM)
    • Automated Online Help Desk
    • Innovative Mobile Device Solutions (ticket scanning, mobile ordering and POS from any smartphone)
    • Onsite services like POS terminals and kiosk solutions.
    • Accounting and other operational system integration

  • Benefits That Make Ubitix Unique

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    Maximise your Profits

    Income Beyond Ticket Sales
    » Generate additional income via:
    » Banner and on-ticket promotions
    » Commissions from affiliate marketing offers
    » Convert insights into profit through Ubitix analytics

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    Tangible Savings:

    Minimise Event Overheads
    » Full ticket amount to organisers
    » Lowest credit card fees
    » Dramatic cost savings through customer service automation

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    Mobile + Social Media Integration:

    Exponential Reach

    » Sell directly from your Facebook Page
    » Harness the power of social media sharing
    » Intelligent mobile device solutions

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    All Aspects

    More Than Just Ticketing

    » Create "Sticky" customers with integrated CRM solutions
    » Automate subscription and membership management
    » Manage multiple daily sessions effectively

    » Season Pass, Gift Vouchers, Affiliate Programs

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    Tailored Offering:

    Customised To Your Needs

    » Integrate with your existing systems

    » New functionalities tailored to your organisation


  • Innovative Mobile Solutions

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    No More Queues...

    Dramatically increase customer satisfaction and reduced overall cost: Ubitix offers a variety of intelligence mobile device solutions from mobile phone based food and drink ordering for your event visitors, mobile phone based consumption of tickets to simplify access control to mobile device based POS solutions.

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    Mobile Ordering @ Events Workflow

    • No App required on consumer and merchant side through use of responsive mobile web application

    • Login to the event wireless network and select items from the upcoming portal.

    • Credit card only required once at registration.

    • Significantly improved event visitor experience.

    • Clear insights into consumer behaviour.

  • Testimonials

    What our customers think...

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    The Winter Festivals 

    "It would have been impossible to run 4 events with 80,000 visitors each, simultaneously without Ubitix.  Their unique social media and affiliate marketing programs enabled us to exponentially increase our sales and process 250,000 tickets with minimal staff efforts"


    Chris Doerfel
    Director of the Australian Winter Festival

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    Australian Open Air Cinemas

    "Ubitix enabled us to realise our specific requirements, that the other online ticket sites couldn't give us, in a few days. 40% bookings of our total bookings through Ubitix Mobile Solutions showcase the importance of this platform and really improved the customer experience at our events"


    Alexander Khadra

    Director Australian Open Air Cinemas

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